EH’DEN FALL : Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles by Paul Long: Now Published!

Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle: Eh’den Fall (The Jason Brightday Chronicles) Eh’den Fall (The Jason Brightday Chronicles) U.K. Humanity’s destiny is a fragile thing. Like the course of a river, it too can be altered. With enough time and effort that is, but who would want to and why?  Not the kind …

Source: EH’DEN FALL : Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles by Paul Long: Now Published!


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Eh’den Fall, out now on kindle!!
For all those conspiracy theorists, this may be the book for you!
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Available from Amazon on Monday 20th July

Falcon Fiction is proud to present Eh’den Fall by Paul Long. This is the first Yong Adult Novel by this talented author and we think it’s something pretty special.

Humanity’s destiny is a fragile thing. Like the course of a river, it too can be altered. With enough time and effort that is, but who would want to and why?

Not the kind of question a sixteen-year-old boy would be concerned about. But when Jason Brightday, an orphan and descendant of an ancient Canadian First Nations tribe is reunited with his grandfather, he is plunged into a world he was never prepared for.

A world where an ancient and mystical species of Neanderthal guards an untold history of humanity’s origins. A world created to corrupt mankind and destroy an incredible future. A world where Jason Brightday must fulfil an ancient prophecy and become more than he ever dreamt possible.

This is his story.

The Jason Brightday Chronicles.

The Time-Walker Chronicles an update.

Hi there,

I must apologise for my gross dereliction of this blog, but for good reason.

Over the past months and with a lot of encouragement from some wonderful people (you know who you are) I managed to take my scribblings and somehow work them into my first novel! I thought I would never be able to do such a thing however,  I did it!!

Now, I’m not saying it’s Shakespeare or anything of the sort, but I am really proud of my achievement. I hope that you will have a look at my first attempt of becoming an author, Eh’den fall – Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles. It will be available in the next few weeks on Amazon.

It just goes to show, you can achieve your dreams.

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Eh'den Fall Book Ad

Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den : Chapter 5 Part 2

The teenager and the Nephilim stood in the middle of the clearing. It was a warm summers night and the smell of pine and honeysuckles wafted around them on a light breeze. The moon was full and hung in the clear indigo sky raining shards of silver light upon the tree tops. Anzul Atka was standing in front of Jason with his hands on the boy’s shoulders.

“This is you first test young one. Tonight we will see how much you have learned.” Anzul said solemnly.

Jason looked decidedly nervous. The palm of his hands were sweating, his mouth was dry as a cracker and his heart was beating so fast that he thought he might pass out. Jason knew that he couldn’t afford any mistakes. He knew that he must complete his training. There was just too much at stake. For an instant, Jason realised the full importance of what he was doing and the responsibility entrusted to him. In that instant, he felt as if the whole world were sitting on his shoulders and as he looked at Anzul Atka, all he could hear was the sound of his own blood pumping past his ears.

“Take a deep breath young! You look as if you’re going to faint!” Anzul said reassuringly.

Jason closed his eyes and inhaled slowly and deeply and exhaled the same way.

“Again,” Anzul ordered.

Jason repeated the breathing exercise until the blood flowed back to his cheeks and Anzul was happy that he wasn’t going to collapse at his feet.

“Now, how do you feel?” Anzul asked.

“Fine, I feel fine,” Jason replied.

“It’s just, well, it’s just getting a bit, you know, real!” Jason said nervously. “I mean, I know its real, but, I,I don’t know.”

Anzul gazed into the young man’s eyes and said gently,”I know boy, I know. You’re beginning the realise the magnitude of what is being asked of you and your afraid.”

Jason’s eyes started to well up a little as he realised that Anzul was a kindred spirit, someone who really understood him.

He dropped his head and as he stared at the ground he said shamefully,”Yes Anzul. I’m afraid. I,I just don’t want to let you down, any of you.”

Anzul gently laughed and as he cupped the boys chin with his enormous leathery finger, he lifted the boy’s head and said,”Jason, you could not let any of us down even if you tried. You have come such a long long way in such a short time. I have been so impressed by how much you have learned. You would have been the most amazing disciple. In all my time, I have never before encountered your like. You are truly, the chosen one.”

Pride welled up in Jason’s chest. He stood up tall and inhaled deeply. As he exhaled, he smiled at Anzul gratefully and shook off his self doubt and worry.

”Ok!”, he said confidently,”Let’s do this.”

Anzul gave Jason a mighty pat on the shoulder and took a step back.”Good!” he exclaimed.

“Now is the night of the first trial. The trial of Ne-Ka-Do-Che,wind walking. Jason, you have been trained to use your body and mind as one. Tonight you must demonstrate this most basic and yet difficult discipline.”

Jason took his ceremonial step forward and answered,”What must I do To-Pa?”

Anzul continued,”Jason Brightday, you must complete your usual run. You must leave no trace of your prescense in the forest and you must bring as a sign of completing you trial,a tuft of hair from a deer’s back.”

Anzul took another step back and said,”Are you ready for the trial?”

Jason knelt before the To-Pa, Anzul Atka,he bowed reverently towards him and in a calm and serene voice replied,”Yes To-Pa, I am ready.”

Anzul smiled at the boy and reverently replied,”Go in peace, may the universe guide your actions.”

Anzul turned and walked out of the clearing, leaving Jason kneeling in the moon light.

Jason sat silent and still, his breathing now regular and deep, his heart rate slow and steady. As he cleared his mind of thought and emotion,slowly a white light seemed to envelope his minds eye. An overwhelming sense of peace and harmony permeated his body and filled his soul. All fear,all self doubt faded away. He could see himself as a young boy in the orphanage fighting with the other kids. He saw how hurt and alone he had felt all through his life. He now knew how much of his life had been consumed by self doubt, loneliness and fear and he knew, he knew now was the time to let go. To become something else, something more. He knew he was ready. Like the wind Jason shot into the forest. His eyes closed, feeling no emotion, at one with mind and body. Jason could sense the forest around him. In his mind’s eye everything was as clear a daylight. He could sense the trees, the branches, the plants and animals as he moved silently and swiftly through the forest interior. It was like a Radar sense, even with his eyes tightly shut he didn’t falter and as he ran he left no trace of foot prints or broken branches or trampled grass behind. This is what it was like to achieve Ne-Ka-Do-Che. This is what it was to wind walk. His young powerful legs propelled him forward, he shot through the trees at phenomenal,inhuman speed, his feet didn’t seem to touch the ground. As he ran his breathing remained calm and steady, his mind restful and clear. Jason knew that he could keep this up for as long as he wanted. As he turned past the mile and a half marker, a bolder next to a large pine tree. Jason became aware of the presence of a deer very close to him. In his mind’s eye he saw it just up a head, it was grazing quietly in the moonlight. Jason was running like the wind and yet there was no sound, no startled creatures telling of an intruder in the forest, all was silent and calm. As the deer grazed, Jason shot passed it and took a tuft of soft downy fuzz from between its shoulder blades. The animal jumped from it’s grazing, startled by the sharp but brief pain behind its neck. The deer glanced around, it’s ears twitching this way and that to try and get a fix on its assailant. But there was only silence and so the deer went back to it’s particularly sweet patch of grass.

Minutes later, Jason appeared at the clearing once more and strode out into the middle where the great Anzul Atka stood. As before, Jason knelt before his teacher and spoke reverently,”To-Pa I bring you a gift.” He stretched out his hand and Anzul took the piece of soft white fur.

Anzul smiled and said loudly to the unseen audience surround the clearing,”Our brother has completed the first trial.Come and recognise him, Jason Brightday, wind walker!”

As Jason stood in the moonlight and from out of the inky blackness of the dense undergrowth came the Ba’wis. They stood in a circle marking the circumference of the clearing, forty in all each standing two feet apart. As the last of the Ba’wis stepped into the moonlight, Anzul called out,”Brothers! Here stands before you, the one of prophecy! Here stands before you Jason Brightday the wind walker.”

The Ba’wis howled their approval, but Jason stood confused. “Anzul, did you not mean Time-Walker?” he whispered.

Anzul Atka laughed and gave the young man a hearty pat on the back. “This was only the first step Jason. You still have trials to complete. Be happy in the present young one and enjoy your achievement. You now realise there is great power within you and you are gradually bringing it under control. In time you will reach your full potential, I have no doubt of that. In time you will wield the Shan-Ak and the power it contains. Then you will be the Time-Walker.”

Jason sighed and said ”I wish grandpa was here to see this. He would have been so proud.”

Anzul guided Jason out of the clearing and escorted him back through the forest. The moon was now blanketed by dark grey clouds and the blackness of the forest was almost suffocating. For Jason and Anzul though, they didn’t seem to notice. They were engrossed in conversation, so much so, that they didn’t even look where they were going. The both instinctively traversed the forest interior as if it wasn’t even there.

”He is proud of you Jason” Anzul Atka replied “But the trials are not for spectators, they are for the Ba’wis and you alone. No one else, not even the chief of the Ba’wis tribe has ever seen our ceremonies. We are really, a shy people and we have become very guarded about our ways.In some ways we have I suppose, regressed. I remember a time when we would have welcomed visitors with open arms and readily taught all we knew. I suppose we were a naive people, trusting to a fault. But that was our way.”

Anzul stopped in his tracks and put his great furred hand on Jason’s shoulder. He looked thoughtfully at him for a moment and said,”Maybe, Maybe we will be again. If you,Jason Brightday succeed in your mission.” Anzul turned his head and peered through the trees, in the distance he could see Clement’s porch light. “Go now, it’s late and I’m sure you have much to tell your grandfather.”

Jason looked surprised and peered through the trees to confirm that they were really close to Clement’s cabin.”Wow, I didn’t realise we’d got back so fast!”

Anzul laughed,”Indeed! It would seem that wind walking is becoming second nature to you.” Anzul sniffed the air for a moment and said “Go now Jason, my people are leaving and I will join them. You can make your own way from here back to the cabin I assume?”

Jason yawned and replied,”Yes To-Pa I can. So what happens now, I mean about the trials.”

Anzul replied,”The trials have begun young one. Soon, your next test will be upon you. Now, go! young Wind-Walker. Get some rest, you will need it.” With that, Anzul took a step backwards and almost magically faded into the forest thicket.

Jason yawned once more and as he trudged in the direction of the cabin he siad to himself,”Wind-Walker! Yeah right! I’m so tired I couldn’t even break wind never mind walk on it!”

Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den : Chapter 5 Part 1

Six months had passed since the meeting of the Ba’wis council. Anne and Mark Sherman had gone home. They rang every week to see how Jason was keeping and every week Jason would tell them how he had done in school, how he was getting on with his studies and what was happening with his friends. School was the same, Jason would study hard, do his best, play lacrosse and generally carry on normally. Live was good, things were quite in Canyon City, every one was safe again so people got on with their lives. Everything was back to normal, or so it seemed.

The truth was, things for Jason Brightday were as abnormal as they could possibly be. As Jason had once jokingly said to his grandpa,”I’ve become Batman!” Clement had laughed heartily at this, because he fully understood what Jason was saying. During the day, Jason was the mild-mannered young man he had always been kind and courteous to others. The night was a different story. At night was becoming something else, something much more powerful.

Jason had trained with Anzul Atka, the Nephilim Elder and leader of the Ba’wis for the past six months. Anzul had been showing Jason how to hone his young body, making it as hard as rock and yet as supple as water. His training had been gruelling, both in body and in mind. The regime always started with a 3 mile run through the forest followed by two hours of meditation and then each night Anzul would teach Jason a form of martial arts none only to the Nephilim called Fac-Chu.

“Fac-Chu had been an art form taught solely to the To-Pa. It was a form of prayer which used a meditative state of the mind coupled with the body performing graceful and fluid movements. As an art form is was beautiful to behold but although the Nephilim never considered it, the physical applications could be devastating if used as a form of defence,”Anzul told Jason.

“Let me show you what I mean,” he said.

Anzul stood by a large, thick pine tree. After inhaling and exhaling deeply for a few moments, he began to perform a series of intricate and beautifully graceful movements. Jason was mesmerised by the great  beasts fluid gestures. His arms swayed like the trees in a summers breeze, his body moved like water tumbling over rocks in a river and his feet danced as if they were on clouds. It was the most remarkable and beautiful thing the young teenager had ever seen. Some of the movements reminded Jason of  Ti’Chi and others he just didn’t know how such a powerfully built creature could perform without falling flat on its face. Near the end of the set piece, Anzul performed a swaying movement which placed him directly facing of the great pine tree. He planted his feet firmly on the ground, his body squarely in line with the tree trunk. Anzul started to sway his arms and hands in every decreasing circles and then, with an ear splitting roar, he shot his two arms directly out in front of him, his palms open facing the tree. Jason could feel the concussive blast from where he was standing, in fact he stepped back slightly due to the force. The great tree shuddered for a moment and then, just where Anzul’s palms where facing the tree, a great crack appeared. The crack creaked all the way around the trunk and moments later the great pine tree fell to the ground.

“Oh my God! That was amazing!” Jason screamed as he ran towards Anzul Atka. “Wow! I,I’ve never seen anything like that! And you didn’t even touch the tree! How is that possible! How did you do that?” he babbled. Anzul stood for a moment with his eyes closed and inhaled and exhaled deeply. Then he opened his sparkling jade green eyes and smiled at Jason.

“Fac-Chu is as much about the mind as it is about the body,” Anzul had told him. “When both work in unison, one becomes an extension of the other and are capable of performing amazing feats. Fac means Will and Chu, well, there is no exact word in your language, but the closest thing would be, Harness or Control. To Master this discipline you must master yourself. Your must control your mind and body and then focus to complete an act. This is the first and greatest lesson of Fac-Chu, Visualise, Focus and Act.”

As the months progressed Anzul often repeated these three words over and over again to Jason, so much so, that he had begun to say them over and over again in his sleep, much to his grandfather’s amusement, but throughout it all Jason had maintained an iron clad resolve. He knew what was at stake, the fate of the world and the destiny of mankind.

It was a difficult discipline to learn and Jason had struggled badly initially but, as his training progressed his young mind and body were becoming stronger. Jason had always been in great shape. He was tall, taller than most his age and quite muscular in an athletic way. Clement had often remarked on how much he looked like his father, both in looks and build. Now though, Jason was beginning to feel much more powerful. It was like his muscles were denser,tighter and stronger. His meditations with Anzul had also sharpened his mind. Jason had remarked to his grandfather how he felt more focused now, how he could retain and process information better. This was most noticeably apparent in Jason’s school work. Although he was athletic, Jason had never been much of a scholar and would average “D”s in class. However over the last six months his grades had been steadily improving and he was now an “A”student. Clement would joke with Jason that if he had known how well he was going to do, he would have hit Jason over the head and dumped him in the forest a long time ago.

In such a short space of time, the transformation was impressive. Jason felt more and more in tune with his surroundings. There were times while on his training runs he could sense the presence of animals near him without even looking and his speed had most definitely increased. Jason was averaging twenty-six minute runs through the forest, which was slightly faster than a US Marine could do on a normal road.

Anzul was most pleased with the boys progress. So much so that on the last night of the sixth month, he gave Jason his first test.

Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den : Chapter 4 Part 4

They had walked for about forty minutes, deep into the forest interior. Jason’s heart was racing now as he and Clement entered the clearing. The moonlight shone brightly on the clearing and the snow sparkled like a sea of jewels. Calling on all the reverence he could muster in the sub freezing night Clement called out,”We are here great brothers.” Jason stood close to his grandfather and watched for any movement in front of them. They stood silent and still for about five minutes, waiting and watching the tree line but there was no one to be seen.

It was Jason who broke the silence first, He whispered ” There’s no one here grandpa.”

Clement replied angrily,”Shhh! Be quiet! So some respect!”

Jason stood silent, hurt that he had been chastised for such a minor indiscretion. He thought about turning and storming off in a huff, but he knew that at night, there was no way he was ever going to make back to the cabin without his grandfather. “I’m sixteen! Dam it!” he thought,”I don’t have to take this from an old man!” Jason’s anger was welling up inside of him, he had half a mind to tell his grandfather where to get off. As he lifted his head to say something scathing to the old man, his gaze was transfixed on the figure beside him. The moonlight had cast a silvery shard of light directly on where his grandfather stood. In the middle of this heavenly beam Jason saw his grandfather, standing at his full hight. His shoulders pulled back, he stood tall and proud. The light reflected off his glossy jet black hair and the grey of his temples shone with almost the same colour as the moon light. He was a magnificent site and as Jason stood beholding this illuminated figure, he knew that even with his advanced age, Clement Brightday was a man to be reckoned with.

Clement glanced in Jason’s direction as if he knew what the boy was thinking. For a second Jason caught a glint in Clement’s eye as if the say, “Just you remember that boy.” Then Clement extended his arms out in front of him with the palms of his hands facing the night sky and began to chant, as if the moonlight resting on him had been a sign to start. “Do Mat Na Chak Da To,” “Do Mat Na Chak Da To,”Over and over Clement chanted until the words became an indecipherable drone.

For some unknown reason, Jason felt comforted by the strange words. They felt soothing. Something about them felt familiar. As he pondered on where he had heard the chant before, he was startled as two nine foot tall, fury behemoths glided silently past Jason and his grandfather and stood in the middle of the clearing. “No way!” Jason thought, “How the hell did they do that? They came out of no where!” after a few seconds. The all too familiar aroma of Ba’wis wafted passed him. “Yeah, there’s no way of disguising that!” he thought to himself with a chuckle.

“Welcome brother,” the Ba’wis standing on the left said. “My name is Dak-Chee.”

Snow had started to fall gently as the great creature spoke. It settled on Dak-Chee’s over hanging brows and he shook his elongated head. His fur was generally a greyish red colour while his brothers was a much more vibrant red, signifying to Jason that Dak-Chee was significantly older than his counterpart.

“This is my brother Tal-Mak-Tem.” The Ba’wis bowed slightly to Clement, who returned the bow as a mark of curtesy. Dak-Chee continued, “Brother, you and your grandson have been summoned here to stand before the council. We have been told by our brother To-Mak-Na that the one of prophecy is amongst us.  This needs to be confirmed.”

Dak-Chee feel silent for a moment, his jade green eyes, glistening from under his great brows, gazed at Jason, who felt as if the creature was looking directly into his soul. It was a most unpleasant feeling, Jason mused.

Dak-Chee spoke again, “Step forward, Jason Brightday, grandson to the chief of the Ba’wis tribe. Step forward and be seen by the council.”

Jason looked uneasily at his grandfather. Clement looked kindly at the frightened boy in front of him and said gently,”Go Jason, I’m right here son. You won’t be harmed. They’re as much family as I am.”

Jason whispered under his breath,”Yeah but you’re not ten feet tall, covered in fur and smell like a rancid skunk!”

Clement stifled the laugh that was building in his belly and gave Jason a quick nod to move forward. As Jason walked into the centre of the clearing, from the corner of his eye he saw figures emerging from the darkness of the tree line and stepping out into the moon light. He looked around him and forming a half circle at the tree line, from one side of the clearing to the other were fourty more Ba’wis. All of different sizes ranging from seven to ten feet tall.

Dak-Chee spoke again, “The council is assembled. Elder, please come forth and recognise the child of prophecy. The two Ba’wis facing Jason step apart from one another and from behind them emerged another Ba’wis. This one however, wore a hooded cloak made from deer skin. The figure walked into the centre of the clearing and stood in front of Jason. The pungent aroma from all the Ba’wis gathered was making Jason’s head swim. He felt as if he was going to vomit but then, the cloaked figure removed his hood and smiled. Jason couldn’t believe what he saw.

There before him, stood someone who could not exist. Should not exist. Before him stood a creature that was older than the beginning of civilisation! It wasn’t possible! But there he was. Standing before Jason Brightday was the To-pa Elder, Anzul Atka.

Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den : Chapter 4 Part 5

Jason took a few steps back. His mind reeling by the presence of the mythical creature who stood before him. “This isn’t possible!” he stammered,”You,you can be you! Your dead!Your dead!”

Anzul Atka stepped forward and laid a soothing hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I am here child,” he said calmly.”It is I. Don’t be afraid Jason. I have waited a very long time to see you again and it is good to see you, so very good.”

Jason slumped to his knees, unable to comprehend what was happening. Clement ran to the boy’s side and knelt beside him.”Son are you ok?” Clement said gently.

Jason looked at Clement and looked and Anzul Atka. He spoke softly, almost whispering,”Grandpa, am, am I going nuts? He can’t be here!” as he pointed to the clocked Nephilim in front of him.

“Yes,It’s him son, It’s Anzul Atka. Come on Jason, stand up. It’s too cold to sit in the snow.” Clement put his arms round Jason’s shoulders and gently lifted the stunned teenager to his feet.

“How is this possible?” Jason stammered again.”You must be thousands of years old!”

The great Nephilim chuckled and said, ”I moisturise?” For a moment the three just looked at each in silence, then Clement started to laugh, “Ha… ha,ha… ha,ha,ha.”

Jason quickly followed suit as did Anzul Atka, until the three were if fits of laughter. The initial shock melted away and gradual acceptance that it was really the great To-pa took its place in Jason’s mind. After a few moments, the laughter subsided and Jason spoke. “Anzul, how is possible for you to be here now? And how do you know me? I mean, I know of you because of the spirit journey I took with To-Mak-Na, but you shouldn’t know of me.”

“On the contrary young one.” Anzul said. “We have met. You came to me a very, very long time ago. That is how the prophecy began.”

“But I’ve never been to the past!” Jason replied, starting to feel that his mind was going to explode.

“Ah! But you will Jason,” Anzul said. “You see that is one of the paradoxes of time. For the prophecy to have started, you must have come back in time and yet, for you it hasn’t happened yet. Its like the chicken and the egg. What came first? As for how I am here now? Well, that is a story for another day. Jason, I needed to see you because you must know that the time of prophecy is nearly upon us and there is a lot of work to do. You must be prepared for the task ahead.”

Jason stood closely to his grandfather for a moment in the hopes of finding some courage. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. “I am ready to do what ever it takes Anzul.” Jason said, his voice slightly trembling with fear and trepidation.

Clement patted the boy’s shoulder and whispered,”Well said son.”

Inspired by his grandfather’s confidence inn him, Jason asked,”Wha do I have to do?”

Anzul said, “You have power Jason, great power. Although at the moment untapped. You must learn to harness that power if you are to defeat the Illum.”

“And how do I tap into it Anzul?” Jason  asked curiously.

“That is why you are here young one!” Anzul said as he gestured with his both hands at the clearing in which they stood. “You will come here and together we will unlock your power, harness it, hone it. Here I will teach you all I can to make you ready. You will learn to push your body the its physical limits and beyond. You will learn to quiet your young mind and perceive the world in ways unimaginable to you. You will learn with the aid of my brothers how to fight to protect yourself and others and most importantly of all. When the time has come, you will learn to harness the power of the Shan-Ak, the Elder Staff.”

From beneath his cloak Anzul Atka brought forth a meter long ebony spear. The shaft was smooth and carved into a spiral which ran from the base of the spear head all the to the jagged end. It seemed as if the spear had been broken in two. The Spear head glistened in the moonlight. Jason could see the intricately carved cuneiform style embellishments on both edges of the face, running from the base and meeting in a point at the tip of the head. Immediately he recognised it from his spirit journey.

“That’s the Shan-Ak! the spear of No-Pak-Choo!” Jason gasped as he took a few steps to get a closer look.

“Indeed it is!” Anzul said, delighted that Jason had remembered so much.

“I, I can’t believe it!” Jason whispered, “It looks new! Even the spear head! The silver spear head! It’s gleaming. But it’s thousands of years older than even you Anzul!”

“Do you remember the origin of the Nephilim? And where the spear came from?” Anzul asked.

“Yes,” said Jason, “The spear is all that was left of the comet that changed an ancient tribe into the Nephilim.”

“Yes!” laughed Anzul,”This is yours Jason. This will be the instrument that will give you the power to time walk. It is very powerful and only, only when you have been trained will you be able to wild its power. I would hope that when you are ready, you will be able to go back in time and hopefully reunite the Shan-Ak with it’s other half and make it whole again.” Anzul continued, “Your training will take time and patience. You will be pushed harder than you have ever experienced in your young life. This will not be an easy task for you.”

Jason was curious,”Where are you telling me this?”

Anzul carefully put the half spear back inside his deerskin cloak. “The choice is yours Jason.” Anzul said as if it was common knowledge. “The choice has always been yours. Do you take on the mantle of the one of prophecy or not?”

“I’m not sure what you mean?” Jason replied, a little shocked.

“My dear child!” Anzul replied, his voice gentle and calming.”You have free will. The path to ascension takes many routes. Each person has choices to make. Do they follow the path the ascension or not. It is the same for you now. You can choose to fulfil your destiny or not. That is your choice alone.”

“Ok then” Jason said thoughtfully,”But before I make my decision, I still have a few questions if that’s all right?”

Clement coughed impatiently, as if to say “What are you playing at boy!”

Anzul just smiled and said,”Of course Jason. A very wise thing to do, be aware of everything and make an informed decision. It is the mature thing to do. Please, what would you like to know?”

Jason asked, “Why now, why is  it time for the prophecy to begin?”

Anzul thought for a moment and said,”Indeed, a very wise question to ask. The Nephilim discovered long ago by mapping the heavens that certain cosmic alignments had and influence over space and time.There are certain points when cosmic alignments make it is possible to travel in time. Shortly, there will be a celestial alignment signifying the time corridor is open. This has not happened since five hundred years after the great divergence,which would be over twelve thousand years ago.”

Jason replied,”Ok, I get it, so it’s because of this portal then, ok that makes sense.”

“But there is more Jason” Anzul replied. “It may also be the will of the universe. You see, the universe like man kind has diverged from the ordained path and it has been trying to rectify that.”

Jason looked puzzled, “What are you saying Anzul, that the universe is like, alive?”

Anzul replied,”Yes Jason. The universe is a growing organism, made up of everything within it. As more creatures gain sentience, the greater the sentience of the universe. And now I suspect it has been trying to protect itself by setting events in motion that would allow you to become the chosen one and bring you here now at this time. You see not only is it almost time for the portal to open. I have discovered that the Deamun are planning to come to our dimension. If they do, it would be the end of us all and the universe.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“As I have said!” Anzul replied, a tinge of fear in his voice. “The war between the An’juls and the Deamun has been raging since before we knew of their existence. But the Deamun have been losing ground. They have decided end the fight and to move to a different plain of existence to rule, our plain and so they need a base of operations. They have decided that Earth will be that base.”

“How can you be sure Anzul!” Jason blurted. “I mean are you sure your informations correct? Why do they want the Earth?”

Anzul looked at Jason and stretched out his long muscular arm and cupped Jason’s face in his great leathery hand. “Yes Jason,” He said kindly. “My information is reliable. I have a.. contact within the Illuminate who informs me that they will be here soon, within the next decade or so. Why the earth you ask? Well, thats easy. Your kind have become susceptible to being controlled over these last millennia. Subconsciously there has been implanted a desire to be ruled by one form of power or another. It would be no mean feat for the Deamun to take over. That is why things have changed so dramatically of the last century!”

“I don’t understand,” Clement interrupted.

“Why do you think there has been so many technological advances in the last hundred or so years?” Anzul asked.”It is because the Deamun have instructed the Illum or as they are called today, the Illuminate to bring your civilisation to a level of technology that will be useful to the overlords. Don’t you understand Clement? Global warming through industrialisation! It’s the Illuminates way of terraforming the earth to make it habitable for the Deamun! The Earth will be their staging ground for taking over our plane of existence!”

Jason walked back to his grandfather and put his arms around his waist and hugged him. The two stood for a moment trying to find some comfort in each. Finally Jason let go and turned back to Anzul Atka. “Well, if what you say is true, then this is what I was born for. I don’t know if I really believe all of it or that I really understand, but what I know is that my Grandpa believes and that he believes in me and I think that’s all I really need to know.” Jason looked at his grandfather smiling proudly at him with tears in his eyes. Jason turned and looked directly at Anzul. After taking a deep breath he spoke with all the courage he could muster,” I choose to become the time walker.”

Jason Brightday and the Lords of Eh’den : Chapter 4 Part 3

The night was bitterly cold, the temperature had sunk even lower now. As Clement and Jason made their way through the forest, Jason found that the moisture from his breath was beginning to freeze around his mouth and nose.”How much further Grandpa?” he asked, shivering in his thermal lined snow jacket.

“It’s not far now son,” Clement replied, “we’re almost at the clearing now. Just remember, stay calm and do what I tell you to do. The Ba’wis are, for the most part placid but, if they feel threatened, they will attack. They’re not as refined as their ancestors. They’ve learned over the centuries that although mankind has great potential  they are still violent by nature. Their numbers have decreased because they’ve been hunted by us in the past. Especially at the time of the great uprising when our tribe was the ruling class of a great empire.”

Clement continued to explain,”The Ba’wis never had great numbers, but they were feared for their strength and power. When the uprising happened and the united tribes of this continent turned on their masters, the Ba’wis were all but decimated. In fact the only ones to survive the great culling as it was called were those who had followed the teachings on Anzul Atka.”

“What do you mean Grandpa, I thought because they ruled the Americas there were a lot of them,”Jason replied.

“Not at all.” Clement continued, “You see, way in the past as the Illum spread out and started to subjugate the world, Anzul Atka’s disciples managed to infiltrate their ranks. It took them a long time, but because they lived so long they knew they could be patient. They came to the Americas and went to the remotest areas where they would have less chance of being discovered by the Illum. It had been easy for the Illum to create an empire here because one look at them, their hight, their long pointed heads, their red fairy hair, the people thought they were gods and did what they were told. In these remote outposts while building the cities under the guise of the Illum, the disciples of Anzul Atka started to teach the natives the ways of the Nephilim. It was at this time that they secretly called themselves the Ba’wis. Over the centuries it was some of these tribes descendants moved to the capital and became a new tribe. They called themselves the Ba’wis tribe to secretly honour their teachers. After a long time the empire became too big for the Illum to rule all by themselves and so they chose a ruling cast. A cast who would maintain order on their behalf and so they chose the Ba’wis tribe. The disciples of Anzul Atka had thought that they now had the opportunity to change the destiny of this great nation through the lessons taught to the Ba’wis tribe. Unfortunately, the power corrupted the Ba’wis tribe and they fell away from their secret teachings. Over time, the Ba’wis tribe became cruel and ruthless until finally the people rose up and fought back. It was then that the disciples of Anzul Atka, the Ba’wis fled to the forests and have been there ever since. Hunted and despised by the tribes of the Americas because they believe them to be the Illum of old.”

Jason stopped in his tracks and looked at his grandfather,”So you’re saying that the Illum spread out into the world and what, had some kind of world empire?” he said incredulously.

“Exactly boy,” Clement replied. “Even today, archeologists are finding remnants of that culture all over the world, in fact everywhere that you see a pyramid…”

Jason interrupted “A pyramid like the original one at Eh’den, the tree of knowledge!”

Clement continued,”Exactly! Anywhere there has been a pyramid, is in fact part of that original civilisation and yet no one has ever been allowed to come forward with the truth, that man’s cultural evolution started with the Illum. They brought about the first writing, mathematics, philosophy, farming, all of it. It was them who started the first civilisations and it was them who the ancient people saw as gods!”

“But why?” Jason asked

Clement laughed and said,”Well, what better way to keep a population under control than by letting them think they are growing and advancing. What better way to control a population than to have them think those who are controlling them are gods and are looking after their spiritual well being! You see! If you can manipulate peoples morals, spiritual beliefs and education, then you can control most if not all of the people.”

“Ok, but you still haven’t answered my question,” Jason replied,”Why go to all this bother?”

Clement started to walk again followed by Jason, “Well, that’s the heart of whole thing! Isn’t it?” Clement replied. “The Deamun! The Deamun wanted the Illum to keep mankind in the dark. They didn’t want man to evolve!”

“I know all that!” Jason replied impatiently, “What I mean is, why did the Illum not just make sure that man never left the caves or for that matter why not just kill us altogether?”

Again Clement chuckled,”Son, from what I know of the Illum, who were cruel,vicious and vain. What would be the point of having all that power if you had no one to use it on?” Clement stopped in his tracks and looked at Jason,”You see son, what was, as they thought, their greatest strength was actually their greatest flaw. Their ego. It would have been simpler to exterminate mankind, but because they didn’t, because they wanted to be worshipped and adored.What they actually did, was to leave a glimmer of hope for man to return to his true destiny. What they actually did was to make way for you.”

Jason shook his head,”Grandpa, how do you know all this?”

Clement replied,”Because I was taught it by the council of the Ba’wis. It’s my birthright as the tribal chief. Come on we’re here now. If you have any more questions the council will answer them.”